The SODA Seat Cover is perfect for everyday use. It easily installs in 20 seconds or less and works on any seat with a head rest. Wash - Dry - Reuse!

Field tested for over 2 years and it still remains waterproof.

The SODA Seat Cover & the SODA Seat Belt Cover can be machine washed & dried at any temperature with like colors. It actually becomes more waterproof with the heat of the dry.

Use the snaps along the sides to snap the terrycloth side outward during laundering. This enable the SODA Seat Cover to be washed and dried more efficiently making it one of the most environmentally friendly seat covers on the market!

SODA Seat Belt Cover - Before buckling the seat belt, place the Seat Belt Cover (Terrycloth Side toward you) where the seat belt would be placed. Buckle the seat belt locating the belt across the lower half of the Seat Belt Cover. Fold down the upper half of the Seat Belt Cover to protect the seat belt .

The SODA Seat Cover & Seat Belt Cover protects your car from stains, odors, or dirt. This mess is usually caused by transporting Soaked Or Dirty Athletes, children, or pets in your car.

This patented product prevent stains, odors and dirt from collecting in your car. The SODA Seat Cover & Seat Belt Cover will provide you with the comfort you want and the dirt resistance you need to keep your car's upholstery & seat belt fresh and clean.

The SODA Seat Cover installs quickly providing comfort and protection. Athletes sit on the comfortable, absorbent terrycloth side. The waterproof material next to the seat keeps the sweat, odors and dirt from seeping though to the upholstery. It is easy to clean - just pop it into the washer and dryer.

Keep your car upholstery clean with the SODA Seat Cover for Soaked or Dirty Athletes

Easy to Install & Easy to Clean

The SODA Seat Cover has a unique feature.  The snaps that are used for washing and drying the cover, can also be used to connect one, two or three seat covers together to cover all or part of a bench seat. All you need are headrests.

When placing the seat covers next to each other on a bench seat, the covers can be daisy chained together by snapping the corresponding snaps together.  The seat belts can still be used as they pop through between the snaps.

This makes the SODA Seat Cover the most versatile product on the market. It provides complete protection for covering bucket seats or bench seats.

Bench Seat Covers

Product Materials and Use

The SODA Seat Cover is comfortable and durable!

The top material of the SODA Seat Cover & SODA Seat Belt Cover is terry cloth, which not only absorbs sweat, but also provides a comfortable drive home.

Next to your upholstery is a waterproof material that protects your car from absorbing sweat and odor. This material becomes more waterproof through use. It has been rigorously tested and retested - by running hundreds of cycles: Use - Wash - Dry.  Even after 2+ years of testing, it remained absorbent and waterproof.