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Now the same patented technology will save your seat belts!

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Save your seats from Soaked Or Dirty Athletes

SODA Seat Covers save athlete's car upholstery from sweat, dirt and odor after working out, playing a game, or hitting the gym. Many people commute to workout and many of those athletes get right back into their cars full of sweat, dirt and odor which soaks into the seats. Often, lingering odors will remain in the car for hours or even days.

The SODA Seat Cover is designed to absorb all the sweat, dirt and odor with a comfortable terrycloth layer next to the athlete while protecting the car upholstery with a waterproof backing. When arriving home, athletes can remove the SODA Seat Cover from their car and put it through their washer and dryer. It works on any seat  with a headrest, The SODA Seat Cover was invented specifically for athletes.

Keep your car sweat, dirt and odor free with a SODA Seat Cover and Seat Belt Cover


SODA Seat Cover

The 'SODA' in SODA Seat Cover stands for Soaked Or Dirty Athletes.  

The SODA Seat Cover & Seat Belt Cover is intended for athletes to keep their car from getting ruined from their sweat, dirt and odor.

Why SODA Seat Cover :

  • installs in 20 seconds or less
  • washer and dryer friendly
  • absorbent top layer for sweat, dirt and odor
  • waterproof backing
  • easy to store
  • works with any seat that has a headrest 

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