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The need had been identified and the innovation began. In 2012, Long Fabrications started researching, brainstorming, and collecting data to create the best product for Soaked Or Dirty Athletes. It took six months to find all the right materials that were suitable to save cars from athletes odor and sweat. Several beta products were assembled and put through extensive testing. The final product was tested for over a year with input gathered from many adult athletes, teenagers, and moms.

We are proud to say that the SODA Seat Cover is Made in the USA and we are confident it will save your car seats from dirt, sweat, odors and wetness.

Nancy E. Long — Inventor of the SODA Car Seat Cover

The SODA Story

Our Mission: We are passionate about sports and hard working athletes. We want to see athletes play at their highest performance and properly prepare them with the right tools after their workout. Our goal is to help athletes keep their car free from sweat, dirt and odor. 

Many people commute to workout, but after working out athletes are covered with body sweat, dirt and odor. We encourage you to take care of your body, but that does not mean you have to compromise taking care of your car. Protect your car after you workout with the SODA Seat Cover.  

The SODA Seat Cover is an easy and quick solution to maintaining your car. It is engineered to keep your car's upholstery clean. With this product, you will have a more  comfortable and satisfying experience after your workout as you drive home.   

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The SODA Seat Cover was developed by a Soccer Mom. Her goal was to stop sweat, dirt, and odors from winding up on her car seats.  Join in her success by reading her story:


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One hot, steamy August afternoon in North Carolina, I took my son to a soccer training session. After an hour of intensive practice, I took the correct precautions and draped two towels over the passenger front seat for him to sit on as we traveled home. He was very sweaty and quite aromatic. On the 30 minute ride home, we had the air conditioning on full blast. When we got home, my son took the towels inside to be washed and headed straight for the shower. About a half hour later, my husband and I headed out for a date. We took the same car I had been driving. My husband drove and I sat in the seat my son had previously occupied. We got rid of the lingering odor by continuing to pump in fresh air. I noticed that the seat seemed rather warm - but it was a hot day. As I continued to sit in the seat, I began to realize it was not just warm but also damp. Now my clothes were wet from my son's sweat. I turned to my husband and said, "I've got to invent something to prevent this from happening. It is disgusting!"